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What are the advantages of selling to Amitz Capital vs. another buyer or private equity fund?

In private equity, your company will become part of the portfolio of companies that the private equity fund owns, and they will likely hire an executive to assume the role of CEO, who might bring a long his own management team into the company (CFO, COO, etc.). In a large corporation, they will likely put in place a VP to assume day to day operations and will likely create a cost reduction program to materialize synergies - i.e., look for ways to reduce administrative personnel and costs.
With Amitz Capital, Carlos Montesinos, our Managing Partner, will assume the role of CEO in the company with the sole objective of growing the business while continuing to provide great products and services to the company’s customers. This approach will preserve the legacy of the company you have built. Also, it makes us view the acquisition of your company as a long-term commitment to the business, and not just a transaction

How long does it take to sell my company?

A normal sell process takes between four to eight months. The key drivers to accelerate the process are: (i) early agreement on key terms, e.g., market value of the company; (ii) speed at which the seller provides information requested to the buyer; (iii) speed of negotiation of the final contracts

How much time does the sell process consume from the seller's day to day?

During the introduction phase, no more than a few hours of conversations. During the due diligence phase, it could vary from 5 to 20 hours per week

What is my involvement in the company post selling?

To be mutually agreed between the seller and us; involvement can vary from no duties post acquisition to involvement as a senior advisor during the transition period

Will my employees and customers find out about the sell process?

Normally, it is best to keep the sell process confidential, and only involve those who are critical to closing the deal

What happens to my employees after I leave the company?

We do not intent to promote layoffs. Our objective is to continue to grow the business and have the best team possible

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