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Carlos R. Montesinos

Managing Partner & CEO

Proven Leadership & Track Record

Prior to founding Amitz Capital, I was the Head of Investment Management at a company where I was responsible for a portfolio of investment in Healthcare, SMEs / SMBs, B2B Services, and Real Estate. I was part of the executive board and co-responsible for drafting and executing the company’s strategic plan. I was also a voting member in the investment committee and Co-manager for the fund’s $300mm Assets Under Management (“AUM”)

Prior to this executive role, I was the Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) at a Fintech company that provided banking services to the underbanked population. As CFO, I created the accounting, cash management, forecasting, FP&A, Tax and budgeting structures and practices which enabled the company to grow and reach its potential

In the first phase of my career, before assuming these executive roles, I followed a traditional finance track. After completing my Bachelor's degree from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, I began my career as an M&A analyst at Credit Suisse in NYC in 2006, and later became an Associate for Merrill Lynch in the Principal Investments Group, focused on private equity investments in Latin America - also based in NYC. Then, in 2010, I joined the private equity team at TPG Capital and focused on investments in Latin America while based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Most recently, I returned to California to pursue a Master's degree at Stanford Graduate School of Business - where I graduated as an MSx Sloan Fellow - and with the dream of founding Amitz Capital to buy a great business to own and manage for the long-term

Growth Mindset

I was born to a very humble family in El Salvador, Central America and was fortunate to migrate to the United States as a young teenager. My need for growth has been the driving force that helped me achieve upward social mobility. Consequently, I am always looking for ways to improve myself and my surroundings. My growth mindset drove me to pursue academic degrees from the best universities in the world, to acquire other skills like native fluency in three languages (Spanish, English, and Portuguese), and to acquire challenging hobbies like learning to play the piano and classical guitar, among other musical instruments. Most importantly, it drives me to go above and beyond my scope of work to improve the companies and teams that I work with


We value: grit, integrity, intrepidness and endurance. This means, we work hard, play fair, think and plan for the long term and strive to go above and beyond every time possible.

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